Chimney and Flue Systems

The quality and efficiency of your chimney is almost more important than the quality and efficiency of your stove or fire (if the chimney doesn’t work properly neither will the stove!)

The ideal chimney will be well insulated, straight (don’t add a bend to your chimney if you can avoid it) and will run up through the middle of the house rather than up an external wall.

We supply Isokern and Anki Pumice chimney systems and liners. Pumice is an excellent insulating material for chimneys and can be used to produce concrete like structures, which are extremely durable. This type of system tends to be used in new build situations.

We also supply insulated stainless steel chimney systems from Selkirk, Stovax and Midtherm. These systems are particularly useful when you wish to add a chimney to an existing house without major disruption.

If you have an existing chimney it will probably need to be relined, this can be done with Anki or Isokern pumice liners or flexible stainless steel liners. We recommend, in either case, back filling round the liners with Leca or Vermiculite insulation.

We are always happy to discuss the merits of each system and suggest what would be suitable for a particular situation.

Manufacturers we stock

We stock a wide variety of chimney products from the following manufacturers - Stovax, SFL, Isokern, Anki, Midtherm